Custom Coins Made for Law Enforcement Forces

Law Enforcement Forces include the military, the police, the army, air force, navy and Traffic Police. Most of these officers carry custom coins made for law enforcement forces for some time that is necessary for them to keep with them for any kind of an uncalled-for situation. There are several people who know about these custom coins among which the majority is those who have family members working for any of the Law enforcement agencies.

The coins show the rank of the officer as it is shown on one side of the coin in the design while the other side has the motto of the unit. The design is exclusive and it is important for each officer to carry his custom coins made for Law enforcement Forces at all costs like an identity card. When the naval officers are out to sea and they get caught by pirates or suffer an accident, these coins are the ones that prove their identity.

It has been seen that the custom coins made for law enforcement forces are also given out in special ceremonies. These coins are those that are given out to the brave officers for doing something for their country. Many of these officers are not even presented there to receive these coins as they have lost their lives during the action and the coins or medallions are received by their family members.

Custom coins for law enforcement forces have also been used for fund raising for a long time. Several people who are crazy to collect the different coins are ready to pay any price, especially if it is for a noble cause. The very special and sacred coins that are made in limited edition for the special officers are auctioned by the officers themselves and the price is given for the benefit of the different people.

Every department manages their own special coins and it is necessary for the coins have the special logo and the date of joining and retirement of a specific batch mentioned about it to differ it between the junior and senior officers. There are several people who think that they can get these coins made for them but it should be clearly known to all that these designs are copyrighted and it is important for the different mints to not to copy any such design without proper permission as it is not safe in means of security point of view.

There are three basic things that are to be seen when getting the custom coins for law enforcement forces being made:

  • Custom Artwork

The artwork done on each different coin is mostly related to the logo on the unit or force. With digital artwork facility it is easy to get any kind of deign easily made and properly checked and confirmed via email facility.

  • Text and Phrases

The text and phrases on the custom coins for law enforcement forces are very important and they are usually given out by the department themselves as they are based on the motto of each department.

  • Shape and Colors

The shapes and sizes of each department’s coin differ and it is decided by these forces that what size of the coin they would get made for the particular batch of officers coming in as new recruits. The colors are usually based on the typical color of their uniform known to the world.

Corps Challenge Coins Given As Reward

Motivation could be defined as the urge to do some task’. Recognitions and acknowledgements are the real sources of motivation and encouragement. To be appreciated is the natural phenomena of human kind. If we are willing to make the best use of the limited resources, that is absolutely important to acknowledge and appreciate an individual, a team and a company for their achievements.

Different companies and enterprises exercise different practices to honor their best performers. Some give financial benefits and promotions to their employees. Some use certificates and sometimes a building, a road or a town is related to performer`s name as a reward. All these common practices are still in progress. At the same time one unanimous activity is also associated with almost all organizations and especially armed forces. That is medals and medallions.

In most of the award ceremonies, we often observe that different types of the medals are distributed against some extraordinary performances. The tradition started a century ago. Initially challenge coins are used just for identification in the armed forces in the U.S.

History tells the story that in World War1, when allied forces were fighting verses the Germans; an Air Force officer of the Allied forces had passed the order for all the pilots to keep a bronze coin with a gold plate. One pilot took the coin and wrapped it in a soft leather pouch. Unfortunately the hilt had been spotted and shot down by the Germans. The enemy snatched all his belongings from him except that bronze coin.

Luck turned around in his favor and the pilot got escaped from the prison. When he reached the boundary line, a French officer stopped him for verification. Actually the pilot had disguised himself in a civilian. He told the security officer that he was a pilot but the French officer asked him to prove his identity. The pilot showed his gold plated coin which was recognized by the security officer and he let him go.

After that incident, the U.S. The military issued these types of coins to all the soldiers for their identifications. Moreover, these challenge coins became popular

As custom challenge coins, corps challenge coins, and challenge coins as rewards in the shape of the medals and medallions. All departments of the troops had shown great interests in these challenge coins for various purposes. Armed forces from all over the world became big customers of the coins.

Growing demands from the troops led the industry flourish and within two decades many coin manufacturers were on the map. The number of coin production units is in hundreds these days. Different kinds of coins are being manufactured by these units as per the specifications of the client. Multiple colors, designs, qualities and shapes are available for choice.

Apart from the troops, different government institutions and special agencies, and various academic units use such kinds of challenge coins in their prize ceremonies these days. Grand functions are arranged for this purpose and people who are the superstars are honored there. As honorary rewards, challenge coins have now become a worldwide tradition. If we observe around, In schools, colleges, universities and other professional institutions these challenge coins are being used to honor. A small coin, a piece of metal really means a lot for its receiver. The analysis tells the details that different shapes like, circular, triangular and square medals are in use in various parts of the world. The manufacturers offer flexible price brackets to their customers. In short, challenge coins as honorary awards are so popular round the globe that it plays an important role in the Business Era.

Forces Challenge Coins

The custom of challenge coins is basically related to military. Each department of military including army, air force, navy, marine and all other forces have their own special coins. The grace and impact of the forces challenge coins is unique. They are liked by everyone. Especially the soldiers who hold forces challenge coins show them with pride because they know they are hard earned awards from their military department.

Forces challenge coins are produced by companies these days but there are only few companies who know the needs and design parameters of these coins. Designing a military coin is not an easy task. There are special skills required to produce the designs. At Forces Challenge Coins, you will get what you need without any headache. Our expert designers will get your ideas and deliver you your desired design which you can select to help us produce your coins. The owner of the company is a retired military veteran who knows exactly the needs of his customers.

Military has many departments which own their own specific coins. Their coins exhibit what department of military they belong to. The coins even tell what mission or purpose they were produced for.  With us designing military coin is just as easy as one, two, and three. Just select a design from the site or give your idea and order with your final design along with some other details which are present in a form. The details may include the number of coins, colors, art number, and other such simple detail.

Challenge coins are essential for motivating the soldiers of different forces. They feel united through them because one coin serves one mission. People associated with one particular coin fight as a team. These coins give emotional attachment to soldiers with them.

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